//Zyhah Baharin

thank you so much (Y)
Monday, April 23, 2012 ? 0 Spongebob ?

thanks for doing this to me ,

i am really appreaciate that :/

do you really know what i felt ?

seriously , im already down :/

this is what you want from me ,

am i right ?

you hurt me , yesss its you !

THANKS for not thinks about my feeling ,

i am very very happy and proud of you ! :)


hopefully you are satisfied !

if not ? lol , do i care ? :D

yeahh , i am just listen to only one person makes everyone give a full believe . 

so here goes some advice . 

try to understand what people want from you and what their felt to you . 

if not , perhaps one day you will regret .

 i repeat again and again YOU WILL regret .

Thanks for reading buddies :)

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